The annual fees for each license prescribed by this Chapter shall be as follows:

License to act as specialty contractors $400.00
License to act as general engineering contractor $400.00
License to act as general building contractor $400.00
License Fee for Responsible Management Employee (RME)
License to act as RME in special contracting $400.00
License to act as RME in general engineering contracting $400.00
License to act as RME in general building contracting $400.00
Re-Issuance of a license or issuance of a certified copy of license $20.00
Application Fee $50.00
Application for Additional Classification $50.00
Letter of Good Standing $50.00
Study Guide $75.00
Inactive License fee in lieu of renewal fee $50.00
Section 2  70111(c) of Chapater 70, Title 21 GCA is hereby amended as follows:
(c) Every application for a license hereunder shall be accompanied by an application fee of fifty Dollars
 (B) The annual fee or inactive license fee shall be paid on or before June 30th of each year for license years beginning on July 1st. Failure, neglect or refusal of any licensee to pay the annual fee before such date shall constitute a forfeiture of his license. Any such license may be restored upon written application therefore within one (1) year from such date and the payment of the required fee plus an amount equal to ten percent (10%) thereof.
(C) Upon written request by contractor and for good cause the Board shall place an active license in an inactive status. The license, upon payment of the annual inactive license fee, may continue inactive for a period of three (3) years after which time it must be reactivated or shall automatically become forfeited. The license may be reactivated at any time within the three-year period by fulfilling the requirements for renewal; including the payment of the appropriate renewal fee.
The Board established a pro-rate schedule on its licensing fees for new contractors and new Responsible Management Employee(s) on a quarterly basis: